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Resetting for Success: Finding Balance in the Chaos with Penny Zenker




More About This Episode:

Today, we are joined by a remarkable guest who is nothing short of inspiring. Penny Zenker, also known as “The Focusologist,” is an international speaker, strategy coach, and best-selling author, with credentials that speak volumes. Her book, The Productivity Zone, soared to Amazon Best Seller status, and her TEDx talk, "The Energy of Thought," has captivated over 1 million viewers globally. She's also been featured on NBC News, Forbes, Inc, ESPN, and Wharton Business Radio, among other platforms.

In this episode, Penny delves into the importance of finding balance in the whirlwind of entrepreneurship and shares the strategies she's employed to help maintain equilibrium throughout her speaking career. Listen in to learn how to set healthy boundaries, make effective decisions, and create more "reset moments" in your daily life, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity, personal growth, and a fulfilling work-life balance. This episode is a treasure trove of actionable advice and inspiration – it's time to embrace more reset moments and take charge of your journey towards balanced growth!

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:56 – Penny reflects on her career background and what led her to become a “Focusologist”

  • 6:49 – How balance allows for better performance, reduces stress and improves relationships

  • 9:32 – Penny’s decision to pursue her own entrepreneurial path + finding unique ways to differentiate herself in the market

  • 15:50- Having a clear marketing strategy and sticking to it + focusing on what works for your business

  • 21:43 - Making thoughtful decisions and setting boundaries in the face of distractions and opportunities

  • 27:06 – Implementing frequent “reset moments” in your routine to maintain focus and productivity


Learn more about Penny:

Penny on Linkedin

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