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Review Your 2019 Goals Before Setting 2020 Goals!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


- Hey, there I'm Dr. Parry, The Make Time Guy.

I've got a make time moment here that's gonna help you to set and achieve your goals in 2020.

But first stop, stop, do not set goals!

Let's talk about what you should be doing now before you can get to 2020 goals. This is a common mistake a lot of people, hey it's 2020, yay, let's throw out everything old and let's just get straight to the new, it's a binge, purge methodology that if we're not careful is the reason why we probably don't even achieve those goals we've set years and years ago.

Now I'm gonna tell you something you do right now that will help you for 2020 and this next decade.

What a great gift this is, a brand new year, a brand new decade.

So first thing, number one, is to review last year's goals.

If you didn't set any goals that's okay, just review maybe some of those things that you felt have changed you for the better.

For me, I keep my goals up here on the side of my wall. I look at them every day. I even sometimes repeat them or write them down to help me. But for what I do with these goals is I review from top to bottom. I actually review a scripture that I have each and every year. I know some people use a word and that's phenomenal.

I try to take that word and find a scripture that matches its draw to help me because I'm a person of faith and conviction and I do that first. And no wonder that my first area of priority is spiritual health.

So first off, look at your last year's goals and review them according to your values, not just accomplishments. Check, check, I did this, I did that. Yes smart goals are important but how has that changed you? How has that helped you to connect with your values?

I'll talk all about that in another Make Time Moments and trainings that I have on YouTube and on my Make Time Productivity Course so check that out.

Prioritized order-But then do it in order number two is look at each of these goals that you set in order.

I look at my spiritual health, my mental health, my physical health and on down the list to relationship with my wife and family. Career is number six.

So yay, I've accomplished some great things this year like I had 14 speaking gigs. The year before I think it at three or four, I was just getting started and I've been speaking for years but never really for pay.

So this last year I had 14 speaking gigs that came about from just getting out there and beating the bushes, getting referrals, speaking and really making myself available. This led to 80% of the goals I set for my clients, new clients for this year.

That's wonderful but all of the things above that really are more important but even then with the career goals, how does that relate back to my values?

My values are helping others and inspiring them. So if I'm helping and inspiring and how is my speaking inspiring others? Is that leading to people changing their lives? Through my coaching, am I helping them, am I inspiring them to live their lives on purpose? That is my career value.

But even more important than that is my spiritual and again, mental and physical relationship with wife and family. This year I've done some phenomenal things, I was able to take my wife on a European vacation, I've been waiting to do for a long time. It was also coupled with an international speaking gig, my first ever, so yes, I'm an international speaker thank you very much. But also was able to connect with over 50 friends in Denmark and really across the country we marched in and met with people and got to reconnect with people I haven't seen for almost 20 years.

Phenomenal experience! In my mental and self-improvement I was able to read 16 plus books. Again, accomplishment, accomplishment, but how did that connect me? Well, I want to be somebody who's always improving, I want to be somebody who's learning, I'm never just sitting there and not learning so reading those books was huge for me, spiritually, mentally, et cetera.

I did some great things physically. I hired actually this robocoach called Freeletics, loved it, it really kicked my butt this year. I got my son to start working out with me that was phenomenal so we created that relationship there but also I really achieved some huge goals which allowed me to feel fit. And that's what I want, that's the value that I have in my physical health is to be fit. Coming on 40 in 2020 and so I gotta keep up that stamina and energy and vitality that's gonna last me for a lot longer, gotta keep that up.

So the other thing that I really love with my family is that we created some family adventures. We put 5000 plus miles on our minivan 'cause we traveled across the country to conferences, to home school events, vacations and things that my family was able to be a part of. Even with my own speaking gigs, I took my kids on daddy dates with me and you've seen that as I've been dropping those out. So accomplishments, accomplishments but how do those relate back to my values? Well again, with my family, I wanna prosper through my time and strengthen those relationships. I wanna have deeper connecting intimacy in all areas of my life with my wife and so getting away and spending time with her is huge.

Well, all of those things are not meant to depress you if you didn't achieve your goals. I didn't achieve every single one of my goals and for the last five, six years of all the goals that I have here that I've been keeping track of this type of record-keeping, I haven't always achieved them all. But if I go and look at the top things, the things that are most important to me if I can at least achieve those top three or four or five goals, the ones that mean the most to me, are my highest priorities and I've seen how they've changed my life and helped me become a better person, to live my values, then I'm living my life on purpose.

I recommend this to everyone before you set any goals for 2020, review, review with priority in mind and go through and look at how those accomplishments may or may not have helped you to live your values. And consider what's that helped you to become. Are you becoming that person? Are you living your life on purpose?

I hope this is helpful, share, like, subscribe to the channel. Send this to somebody who needs a little bit of some cheering up in 2020 to make this a phenomenal year.

Look at the Make Time Productivity Course I have down in the links but also check out the new podcast that's coming January 9th and I'll tell you right now the reason why it's coming out January 9th, my father passed away January 9th.

This is symbolic for me to roll this out at this time, to remember that his experience at age 49, I'm coming up on that, I'm entering my 40s this year, how that's affected me, and how him living his life on purpose has led to me to making this my career value and mission.

So join me with that, I hope that's phenomenal for you just to listen in, get some more details about what we do. The very first one is why people don't actually accomplish their goals once they set them. So check that out with me on January 9th.

Also, I'm doing a live masterclass, January 22nd, more details here on this page down below someplace. Please join us, we will look more at priorities. So if you're wondering how do you set these priorities come join us, let me teach you how to do that, January, 22nd.

All the best. Subscribe, share, like. Love you all, make time to live your life on purpose. Bye, bye.

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