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S2 E3: Finding Balance with Dr. Travis Parry with Advisor Development Show

Finding the ideal work-life balance can be difficult, especially for financial professionals. It is easy to get swept up in your work and forget to prioritize and set boundaries.

Today we have Dr. Travis Parry joining us to speak on some of the myths we hear about stress and productivity. He will discuss how we can approach the work-life balance in a healthier way.

At one time, Dr. Travis Parry was a financial advisor like many of us, but since then he has gone on an educational journey to learn how to address stress. We go in-depth on some of his ideas and techniques for a healthier and happier career and personal life.

Key Moments:

[1:32] – Welcome Dr. Travis Parry

[2:41] – His favorite guitar player

[4:05] – ‘Achieving Balance’ book

[6:59] – His experience as a financial professional

[12:48 ]– Stress vs balance

[14:00] – The myth of balance

[16:49] – Finding priorities

[18:46 ]– Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

[20:40] – Viewing values

[24:21] – The myth of productivity as a ‘magic pill’

[28:00] – Using your calendar

[33:00] – The myth of personal development

[39:58] – Fear vs faith

[42:55] – Make time method

[46:37] – One life lesson

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