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Showing Up Authentically with Billy Anderson

Updated: Jan 11




More About This Episode:

Billy Anderson is an international speaker, executive coach, and author of the book Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You. Previously, he was an advertising manager in Europe and Canada, a fundraising director for UNICEF, an apple picker in New Zealand and a sugar cane farmer in Costa Rica. From running with bulls in Spain to swimming with sharks in South America, he has some extraordinary tales to tell.

Billy joins us today to reflect on how the concept of balance has evolved throughout his life. We talk about the importance of authenticity in building a business, overcoming inner fears and limiting beliefs, and ongoing pursuit of self-discovery. Don’t miss this powerful discussion on staying true to yourself and aligning your actions with your personal values in and out of the workplace.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:54 – Billy’s adventurous pursuits, decision to start a family and changed sense of balance

  • 7:22 – The importance of authenticity in building a business and personal brand

  • 14:19 – Overcoming limiting beliefs and battling your inner voice to stay true to yourself

  • 21:31 – The misconception that being constantly busy is necessary for success

  • 23:30 – Continually checking in with your values in and out of the workplace


Learn more about Billy:

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