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Successfully Exiting Your Business with Brody Vinson




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Brody Vinson, a business owner and podcast host with a passion for helping others prepare for successful exits from their companies. Having grown up with his father as a role model in the business world, Brody has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. However, a tragic event in 2021 changed the trajectory of his life.

In the wake of his father's unexpected passing, Brody faced the daunting task of selling his father’s business while simultaneously managing a startup that was rapidly gaining momentum. Through these experiences, Brody discovered the vital importance of making yourself removable as a business owner. He joins us today to discuss why building a business that's designed to be sold is a so critical and the important role that balance and intentionally play in long-term success.

Brody shares incredible insights on implementing effective systems, utilizing technology, embracing delegation, and fostering open communication within your business in this conversation. This is one you don't want to miss!

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:31 – The loss of Brody’s father + the importance of preparing for your business exit

  • 10:10 – The role that balance plays in the long-term success of a business + making yourself removable as a business owner

  • 14:22 – Scheduling time for personal activities + creating standard operating procedures for business tasks

  • 17:59 – Implementing effective systems and technology, promoting talent, and maintaining open communication with employees to scale and grow

  • 23:22 – Being intentional about delegation and hiring + checking in and setting goals with your employees

  • 27:31 – Understanding the root of a problem in a business before creating effective systems


Learn more about Brody:

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