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Ep 12: Systems, Balance, and Success with Justin Bassell

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

How much time do you think you’d save in the day if you had organized and automated systems? On today’s podcast, we speak with the founder of Systems on Purpose, Justin Bassell about his journey to find balance and how he’s now helping other advisors as well.




More About This Episode:

We have a limited amount of time. We must align our values and time and ask ourselves what is important to us? Would I like to be working 80 hour weeks? Or would I rather be having dinner with my family? On today's episode, Justin Bassell, CLU ChFC joins us. Justin is a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company and the founder of Systems on Purpose, a platform helping advisors automize their workflow and integrate efficient work patterns into their business. We will be discussing issues in recruiting and retention, ways we can make the industry more balanced, and how his business is helping advisors become more organized and conscious of their time.

As an advisor himself, he has seen the flaws in our industry first hand. Building a business or brand is hard work, we want to generate profit and find success. The advising industry is great at setting benchmarks for newcomers, but this is also contributing to high turnover rates. It can lead to burnout if we aren't careful. Having goals and benchmarks for success is necessary to measure metrics of one's success but how much influence do we let this have over our lives? Justin discusses how we must change the onboarding process in the industry to keep advisors interested and passionate about the field.

Justin has gone on his own journey to find balance. He has regained control over his schedule and workflow, allowing him to help others through Systems on Purpose. His program automates those common client correspondences, helps you organize your calendar, and provides an easier point A to point B workflow. To Justin, work-life balance is about aligning your values and spending your time where you want to be spending it. Join us today as we discuss how you can achieve balance!

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Systems on Purpose and how their program is helping advisors

  • Justin's experience working with Travis

  • Recruiting and retention in the financial field


1:12 – Justin’s definition of work-life balance

2:47 – When did he feel unbalanced?

4:46 – What ‘woke him up’?

7:24 – How has he seen advisors struggle?

11:09 – What’s the key for new advisors and leaders?

16:37 – How has he developed habits?

20:17 – Becoming a more authentic person

22:08 – Systems of Purpose

29:08 – How to connect with Justin?


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