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The Neuroscience of Work-Life Balance with Nina Nesdoly

Updated: Mar 7



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Nina Nesdoly is a speaker, researcher, and consultant specializing in work stress and burnout prevention. With a background in neuroscience and management, she offers insightful workshops and training on building better work-life balance. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. with a focus on work-related stress and has been featured on impressive platforms like TEDx, where her talk on relieving stress was selected as an editor’s pick.


Join us as we dive into some fascinating research on work-related stress and discuss the importance of prioritizing your well-being to find greater joy, meaning, and success in life. Nina will talk about the crucial role of leaders in modeling healthy behaviors, the impact they have on employees’ mental health, and offer some powerful strategies for cultivating a culture of balance in the workplace. Don’t miss this great conversation on the power of self-care and the “less is more” philosophy.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


1:32 – Nina’s background in neuroscience and management + her personal experience with overextension and burnout

5:45 – The power of prioritizing your well-being + the prevailing hustle culture that prioritizes overworking and productivity

11:07 – The struggle of leaders, particularly middle management, when it comes to work-life balance+ the impact that a leader’s behavior has on their employees

18:39 – Modeling and encouraging healthy behaviors as a leader + the power of forced vacation days and a 4 day work week




Nina’s TEDx Talk





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