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The Power of Faith-Based Action

Updated: Jan 15



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When it comes to achieving balanced growth, it’s crucial to understand what kind of fear is holding you back and work on reframing your mindset. But what’s just as important is having the courage to take bold, measurable actions in faith that move the needle.


I get it. We've all been there, stuck in the endless loop of overthinking and waiting for the perfect plan to miraculously appear before getting started on our goals. But taking that first step is where the magic happens. So, if you've been stuck in the "thinking about it" phase, click the play button!

Join us today as we discuss these things:

0:35 – Understanding your fears + reshaping your mindset

3:02 – Behaviors and action are equally as important as mindset

4:38 – “One of the best things we can do to achieve our goals is work on them”

6:17 – What’s the one thing you can do today, this week, this month, to move the needle on your goals?



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