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The Power of Purposeful Differentiation with Stan Phelps




More About This Episode:

Today we are excited to be joined by Stan Phelps, CSP, a Forbes contributor, TEDx speaker, IBM Futurists Certified Speaking Professional, and best-selling author of the Goldfish Series. As a show-and-tell speaker, Stan empowers audiences to take action that delivers bottom-line impact. He strives to change the paradigm of marketing by encouraging audiences to focus on experiences as the ultimate competitive differentiator.

In this episode, Stan shares his journey from being a marketer to a full-time author and speaker and what he has learned along the way. He discusses the value of vulnerability and authenticity, which have become increasingly important in today's world of marketing, especially in the realm of social media. He focuses on identifying your strengths, embracing imperfections, and delivering meaningful experiences for clients to differentiate yourself and drive loyalty, retention, and referrals.

Stan also shares valuable insights on finding a balance between family and work commitments, setting boundaries, and staying present with loved ones amidst a demanding professional life.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:41 – Stan’s transition from a marketer to a full-time author and speaker + Why balance is so important to him

  • 4:33 – Finding your ideal client + standing out in the marketplace by doing things differently from the norm

  • 11:08 – The power of embracing your uniqueness and flaws, amplifying your strengths, and being authentic in connecting with your audience

  • 17:47 – Stan reflects on finding boundaries and figuring out what speaking opportunities to pursue + delivering with 100% commitment and integrity

  • 24:11 – Stan’s advice for those who are struggling to be present


Learn more about Stan:



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