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Transitioning with Confidence with John Stokes




More About This Episode:

Today we are sitting down with John Stokes, the CEO and President of John Stokes Financial. John and his team specialize in helping professionals navigate career transitions and achieve financial success. They organize numerous workshops for various entities such as Fortune 500 companies, outplacement firms, and federal and state agencies. These workshops cover various topics including unemployment, investment and rollover options, federal and state benefits, and retirement and financial planning.

In this episode, John shares his personal career journey and how he found his niche in assisting individuals who have been laid off or going through career changes. He discusses how he has found better boundaries in his work life through delegation, and shares what he has learned about building a strong team that aligns with his company’s mission and values. Join us as we talk about creating a supportive company culture, the role that appreciation and respect play in employee retention and satisfaction, and share some impactful advice for those going through career transition.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:15 – How John’s personal career change led to helping others through career change

  • 5:08 – Why balance is important to John

  • 10:20 – What John has learned about building a strong team

  • 14:51 – John’s advice for employee retention

  • 19:42 – “Stop and self-reflect.” John’s advice for financial professionals in transition


Learn more about John:


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