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Use Loom to Save Time Training your Team!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

A balanced business needs systems, and systems are how you train your team.

Using Loom or other screen capture tools is so helpful in training others, especially team members.

Check out how I save buckets of time using screen capture video and instant share and also how I use it for ongoing training.


Today's tip is about Loom and how to use it correctly. I'm going to give you a demonstration, and I would love to get your feedback. For me, I have various folders, and I have a lot of videos in them. I use the videos to train my employees. I would highly recommend that you also do this with whatever service you're using, whether it's Loom or BombBomb, or another tool. It's really very simple. Let's say you are training someone on your CRM. Instead of having to walk through it with them and then having them forget what you showed them, you can create a video for them to review later. You can do the full desktop, or you can do the screen only. As soon you want to record, just press the play button.

I like creating folders, and so I created folders for training videos for my employees. In one particular video, I explain how to send out a broadcast for my CRM and how to record a Loom video so that they can send their work back to me. I have another video that explains how to publish a blog. So, you can see that these are some of the training videos that I have shared with one of my employees who does a lot of the the blog posts and the email blasts.

What's also great about this is that once you record a video, you can save it directly to the folder where it belongs. I can also share it very easily because it creates a link that can shared. I love having the link available right away. I can copy it, and boom, send it off to the people who need it.

Another reason why I love it so much is because it enables you to see who has watched the video and also how many times they have watched it. And it also enables you to quickly create a training manual. Over time, that training manual doesn't have to be recreated, but maybe just updated. In fact, what I like to have my employees do is as they are working, to update the training manual. So, it becomes a folder for training. If a certain employee leaves, the folder is there as a resource for everyone else. Should you have a written training manual? Of course, but these videos can also be very helpful.

I would love to hear your feedback. What tool are you using? Whether it's Loom or another tool, I'd love to know what you're using to train your people and to help them to increase the productivity of your team.

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