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Work Hard, Play Hard with Chris Heller



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We’re excited to welcome Chris Heller to the show. Chris is the president of OJO, an Austin-based real estate technology company focused on improving homeownership. Earning his real estate license at age 20, Chris was named the Rookie of the Year in 1989 before becoming the top producing agent in San Diego County and the number one Keller Williams Associate in North America.


Throughout his career, he has held influential industry positions, including CEO at Mellohome and Keller Williams Realty International. As a seasoned leader, he joins us to reflect on his professional journey and share the wisdom he’s gained throughout his remarkable career. Listen in as we chat about the importance of team dynamics, leveraging your time, preventing company burnout, the importance of self-care, and staying focused on what truly matters.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


1:22 – Chris’ journey into real estate + the philosophy that paved the way for his roles as CEO

6:27 – Focusing on what makes you happy, leveraging your time + working hard and playing hard

10:04 – Bringing the right people onto your team + fostering a culture of hard work while respecting personal time

14:05 – How OJO operates a successful hybrid business model + works to prevent burnout

20:35 – Chris’ Achilles heel when it comes to balance + his highest priorities

25:03 – The struggles with balance many entrepreneurs face + focusing on customers, teams and self-care as a leader 


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