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Ep 16: Scaling Your Business with Brad Wales

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Is transitioning to an RIA model right for you? How could this model help you achieve balance in the long run? On today’s episode, we discuss scaling your business with the founder of Transition to RIA, Brad Wales.




More About This Episode:

On this episode of the Balanced Advisor Podcast, we are excited to be joined by Brad Wales, the founder of Transition to RIA, a consulting firm uniquely focused on helping advisors transition their practice to an RIA model.

In the last couple of years, the importance of work-life balance became evident to Brad as his child grew up. Working long hours and missing important family events opened his eyes to the importance of achieving balance.

With Transition to RIA, Brad is helping advisors achieve flexibility with the RIA model. As your own business owner, you have the flexibility to build a business that works for you. There are all kinds of motivators for becoming an RIA but it’s not for everyone.

For those that will fit well in this model, the transition can be intimidating but rewarding once you are on the other side. Join us today as we discuss the RIA model and how it may help your career and your journey to achieve balance.

What we also discuss today:

  • The importance of helping other advisors

  • Getting out of the workaholic trap

  • The RIA business model and how it can help advisors

  • How transitioning to an RIA works


1:15 – Brad’s background story

2:08 – Why he wanted to help advisors

4:08 – What’s Brad’s definition of balance?

8:48 – Making time for our families

10:27 – What struggles does Brad face?

13:22 – What are the signs you need to step back?

15:28 – How has he created boundaries?

17:25 – What has he seen advisors struggle with?

19:46 – Getting out of the workaholic trap

25:31 – How does Brad help advisors?

30:00 – How does the RIA transition work?

33:20 – The experience of transitioning to RIA

38:19 – Working with independent advisors

40:00 – Relationships with other broker-dealers

44:30 – How to connect with Brad


Read more about Brad and Transition to RIA

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