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Ep 19: Personalized Financial Services with Russ Thornton

What unique challenges do women face when working with a financial advisor or when developing their portfolio? On today’s episode, we sit down with Russ Thornton and discuss why he saw a need for women-focused financial services and how his niche is helping him find balance.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, we are excited to welcome Russ Thornton, the owner of Wealthcare for Women. Through his own family experience, he saw the need for advisors focused on serving the unique financial issues women may face. He now works with women and their families to help them make the most out of their money and their retirement.

Balance has evolved for Russ over the years. To him, it’s about taking care of his clients and prioritizing time with his own family. Recognizing the importance of his own health and community has aided him in his journey.

Advisors are great at giving advice, but they often struggle to internalize advice for themselves. However, as you get to a more selective niche, you should grow your ability to set boundaries. You may be reaching your goals but how often do you sit back and celebrate your accomplishments?

Join us today as we further discuss:

  • Russ Thornton’s 28-year long journey as an advisor

  • Why women face unique financial decisions and how we can better serve them

  • Advisors learning to take advice from themselves and from others

  • Why finding your true niche can help you scale your practice

  • Learning to be content and figure out what is enough for you and your business


0:28 – Russ Thornton joins us!

5:20 – Financial services for women

9:27 – The story of Travis’ mother

13:04 – What is his definition of balance?

15:51 – What struggles has he seen advisors face?

20:01 – Following through with your own advice

23:11 – Referring clients to other advisors

25:08 – Drawing the line between work and personal life

28:28 – You can’t be in business mode 24/7

29:50 – Why this industry can be lonely

33:05 – Celebrating your accomplishments

36:06 – What is enough?

40:59 – How can you reach out to Russ?



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