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Ep 15: The Power of Saying No with Kate Holmes

How often do you say no to new pursuits? The financial industry is a giving profession and it can be hard to say no. However, it's by saying no that we can finally start to say yes to ourselves. On today's episode, we speak with Kate Holmes the founder of Innovating Advice, and learn about her journey to find balance.




More About This Episode:

There are so many things in life that deplete our energy. Being able to say no to certain things means being able to say yes to yourself. On today's episode, we talk about the power of saying no with CFP and founder of Innovating Advice, Kate Holmes. Growing up in Seattle and attaining her photography degree from the University of Australia, her path into financial planning was unique. Yet, she has seen the struggle many advisors, including herself, have gone through to reach balance. She is now learning to prioritize herself and helping advisors around the globe do the same.

This is a giving profession. We tend to think we have to say yes to everything. But what would you gain in time and balance if you started saying no? If it isn't a "Heck Yes!" it should be a "Heck No." In 2013, Kate started her virtual retirement business. No longer would she allow her business and profession to dictate her lifestyle and passion for adventure. To her, balance means doing a maximum of three things a day, personally and professionally. Health became an important passion of hers as our bodies have a limit.

Today, she is working on a global scale to connect advisors and change the mentality and culture of the financial profession. The more we work, the more work piles on! She wants to move the profession forward and has worked with advisors from over 35 countries as she teaches them to be examples for their clients. Join us today as we discuss her journey to find balance!

What we discuss on today's episode:

  • Kate's background and her journey to find balance

  • Innovating Advice, a forward-thinking program for advisors

  • The power of saying "No."

  • The global financial industry

  • Health, stress, and balance

  • How we can be examples for our clients


1:24 – Kate Holmes background

3:07 – What does balance mean to Kate?

6:56 – Why did she start her journey?

10:15 – The perks of saying no

14:41 – What struggles do advisors face?

19:16 – Running a business

22:06 – How Kate is helping advisors

25:33 – Advice she has for others

30:35 – How to connect with Kate


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