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Ep 24: Staying Focused in Business and Life with Taylor Schulte

Taylor Schulte, the founder of Define Financial and co-founder of The AGC™ joins us on today’s show to discuss the importance of staying focused in business and life. He’ll share his journey with balance, struggles advisors face, marketing mistakes, and more.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Taylor Schulte, the founder of Define Financial, joins us to discuss both his role as an advisor who has struggled with balance and as a marketing advisor to financial professionals. Define Financial is optimizing retirement planning for individuals over 50. Taylor has been able to re-establish his work-life balance with systems and processes that have enabled him to focus on the things he loves doing.

Spending the last 14 years on an exploration through life and business, Taylor has been developing his own personal definition of balance through it all. Focusing on what he enjoys doing and really what he wants to spend his time on every day has shaped his journey.

Along with growing his business and family, Taylor has helped develop an online community of professional and personal support

for advisors at The AGC™.

As you grow in business, you need to stay clear and focused on the work that matters to you. You may want to start a podcast, blog, social media calendar, etc. But how is this serving you? We’ll explore the importance of staying focused in today’s business world.

Join us today as we further discuss:

  • Why we don’t want to bring stress home

  • The importance of systems and processes

  • The unique struggles young advisors face

  • Advisors getting “shiny object syndrome”

  • #1 marketing mistake advisors make


0:00 – Introducing Taylor Schulte

0:57 – What’s his definition of balance?

3:44 – The transition from work life to home life

7:30 – What are his biggest issues with achieving balance?

11:53 – The issues he sees advisors face

16:22 - #1 marketing mistake advisors do

19:11 – Taylor’s advice for advisors

25:00 – Where to find Taylor?


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