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Ep 22: Achieving Your Definition of Success with Jeff Concepcion

What does success mean to you? Spending time with your family? Growing your business? We sit down with Jeff Concepcion, the CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners, to discuss personal and professional success.




More About This Episode:

Jeff Concepcion, the founder, and CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners joins us on today's show to discuss personal and professional success. He started his practice in 2008, a practice that focuses on serving sophisticated advisors and their clients. Stratos Wealth does this through infrastructure, resources, and support that enables advisors to focus on serving their clients with high-quality services.

Although the definition of balance is subjective for everyone, to Jeff it means having multiple silos of success: career, family, health, and more. While some people find themselves wildly successful in some parts of their life, they could be lacking fulfillment in others.

The financial industry allows us a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to building our lifestyle and business, but we have to put in the work. Success can mean spending more time with your family, prioritizing your health, or growing your business. You can define success based on your own values and goals. So, what does success mean to you?

Join us today as we further discuss:

· Finding success in various parts of life

· Why do advisors think they have to “earn” balance?

· Finding balance as an advisor with a “driver personality”

· Trends coming in with the new generation of advisors

· How Stratos is helping advisors achieve balance and success


1:23 – Jeff’s background into the industry

3:10 – Evolving Advisor podcast

3:46 – Jeff’s definition of balance

5:25 – Where to focus success

7:02 – Allocating time to important things

9:56 - Health, family, and business

11:35 – Issues other advisors face

13:52 – A new generation of advisors

16:08 – Generational divide around balance

19:42 – Advice for the next generation

23:58 – Lessons and principles for success

28:37 – How Stratos helps advisors

30:33 – How to contact Jeff



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