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How Financial Advisors Can Conquer Workaholism - Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Most financial advisors dream of an amazing life when they start their business. They think they’ll make more money than ever, spend a ton of time with their family and go on exotic vacations.

But reality is usually different. You’re working 10 hours a day, constantly checking your phone to see if a prospect has replied. And if you went on a vacation, your business would collapse because your clients can’t reach you. And that time with your kids? You might even secretly feel guilty about not growing your business at that time.

This happens everywhere. It’s called workaholism. And if it got results, it would simply be the price of success. But workaholism usually hurts your business instead of growing it.

This week’s guest Travis Parry is the author of “Finding Balance” - a book on ending workaholism so you can live your best life.

In this episode, you’ll discover how you can stop being a workaholic and get more results in less time. Want to get more clients without working harder? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

Why taking a vacation grows your business faster than hustling 24/7 (11:31)

How reading in your bed can kill your productivity (15:40)

The “Productivity Myth” that lets you accomplish more in 50 hours per week than “hustlers” do in 80 (21:39)

How workaholism can cause a “gray divorce” that erodes your relationship with your spouse (33:48)

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