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Creating a Custom-Built Life with Paul Carroll



More About This Episode:

Today we are excited to sit down with Paul Carroll, CFP®, CEO and founder of Avion Wealth, a fast-growing elite wealth management firm in Houston, Texas. Paul started his business from scratch in 2005 and is now on the verge of reaching his first billion dollars in assets under management, which he tributes to his dedication to team growth and work-life integration.

In this episode, Paul talks about his time in the U.S. Air Force and commercial flying and his transition into starting his own wealth management firm, Efficient Wealth Management. Initially working with a pilot-heavy clientele, his business later pivoted to the energy industry after the bankruptcy of several airlines and the freezing of pension plans. While their focus on the energy industry didn’t yield the desired results, they experienced significant growth in serving management pilots and successful business leaders. Efficient Wealth Management officially rebranded during COVID to Avion Wealth, which has been highly successful.

Join us as Paul reflects on the power of promoting work-life integration in his business culture. He discusses creating a custom-built life that sets you up for success, by valuing your time, determining your unique abilities, having healthy energy management, and implementing rituals into your life. He also shares his journey of writing and self-publishing five books, discussing their impact on his business and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:10 – Paul shares his background in aviation and how he became the CEO of Avion Wealth

  • 10:15 – Paul reflects on work-Iife integration

  • 14:48 – Creating a “custom-built life” with time management, rituals, and by determining your unique abilities

  • 22:12 – Paul talks about self-publishing his books and how they led to some of his greatest successes

  • 30:44 – The process that Paul uses for writing + his advice for writing a book


Learn more about Paul:


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