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Ep 23: Finding Balance with an Adaptable Business with Charles Freeman

How many different hats do you wear as an advisor? Between meeting potential clients, serving your existing client base, and growing your business you are probably being pulled in various directions.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Charles Freeman, the President of AdaptFirst Investments, joins us to discuss building and scaling your business while maintaining balance. He’s been an investment manager for 23 years and is currently an aspiring tennis player, chess player, and bass player in a cover band! Charles is a life learner and enjoys learning new things.

He sees balance as finding the middle ground in life. Balance can translate to so many different parts of your life, extremes aren’t maintainable. As an advisor, you have to wear many different hats to be successful. Marketing to find leads, serving your clients, leading a team, all of these roles require different skill sets. You can be pulled in many different directions, finding yourself overwhelmed and out of balance.

Many of us struggle with the ability to “turn off” work. Especially in today’s world as we are continually connected via technology. Finding a way to unplug and be present is important for our health and success.

AdaptFirst customizes investment solutions for your practice with various CIO services. On today’s show, we’ll explore how Advisor Cooperative provides advisors a platform to grow their business through cooperative idea generation, encouraging flexibility and balance.

Join us today as we further discuss:

· Why it’s difficult to connect with people and clients in today’s world

· Building and scaling your business as a new advisor

· Organizing and prioritizing your time for health and happiness

· How Advisor Cooperative is helping advisors achieve balance


1:10 – Why his hobbies are important

2:23 – Charles’ definition of balance

4:40 – Issues advisors face in the industry

7:09 – What contributes to these issues

10:41 – Charles’ personal struggles

16:30 – Advisor Cooperative and CIO Services

23:43 – How to connect with Charles



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