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Ep 25: Overcoming Burnout with Patrick Brewer

Most of us have faced burnout in this industry. So how do we better manage stress and find balance by doing the things we are skilled at and enjoy? Patrick Brewer joins us on today’s episode to discuss burnout, business growth, and more.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Patrick Brewer, the President of Wealth Source and Founder of Model FA joins us to discuss burnout. In his free time, he loves boating, traveling, and staying active! Initially, his definition of balance was about working hard and enjoying life later. But that look has changed over time, as he realized that balance should be an oscillating and evolving journey.

Along with gaining various credentials, working in a corporate position, working long hours, and building a house Patrick was quickly facing burnout at the beginning of his career. After an experience with a panic attack, he came to the realization changes needed to be made.

As an advisor, you are expected to do a lot of things: investment management, financial planning, marketing, conflict resolution, client management, etc. These skills pull from various mental and physical parts of you and can overwhelm even the most experienced professional. But Patrick is helping advisors focus on the things they are uniquely skilled to work on, like helping their clients have a better quality of life.

Join us today as we further discuss:

  • Identifying your boundaries and re-prioritizing

  • People want to do the things they are skilled at

  • This industry has a high payout, but there is liability

  • How Model FA and Wealth Source is helping advisors

  • The importance of delegating when growing your business


1:39 – What does balance mean to him?

3:59 – The struggles with facing burnout

8:46 – Issues other advisors face

15:19 – Overcoming these struggles

22:30 – Taking on responsibility

24:12 – How does Model FA help advisors

26:43 – Best way to reach Patrick

27:19 – Their podcast producing services

28:44 – The benefit for advisors

32:02 – The psychology of letting go

36:06 – Delegating at the right time


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