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Ep 26: Accomplishing Professional Balance with Broc Buckles

How often do you immediately wake up and check your email? It happens to all of us, but by doing this are we missing out on starting our day off in a positive way? We discuss the importance of professional balance in order to achieve personal balance with the co-founder of BC Brokerage, Broc Buckles on today’s show.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Broc Buckles, the co-founder of BC brokerage, joins us to discuss his journey through the insurance industry and how he has come to define balance in his own life.

Like many of us, early on in his career, Broc didn’t have a definition of balance. It was about working, networking, and excelling as hard as he could so he could have balance one day in the future. But now, Broc sees balance in a new light, where he has clarity in all aspects of life.

As an insurance broker that works closely with advisors and other financial professional’s he’s seen the struggles others face first hand. Broc highlights the struggle advisors face maintaining balance within the professional world, not just in their personal lives.

Many business owners find themselves not only advisors, but also content creators, working in client management, and playing various other roles as they grow their business. We’ll never achieve personal balance if we can’t balance our work life.

For the most part, Broc doesn’t want advisors to start the day with something professional. Don’t check your email as soon as you wake up. The way you start your day is going to impact your mood and energy.

Unfortunately, we cannot be a master in all things. You might be a great financial planner, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a great insurance agent or investment manager. Broc is helping advisors elevate their services and offer more robust planning to their clients, while still maintaining balance within their professional lives.

Join us today as we further discuss:

  • The relationship between professional balance and personal balance

  • Why you don’t want to take your work life home

  • The importance of having systems and being intentional

  • How BC brokerage is helping advisors elevate and focus their services


0:55 – How did he get into the industry?

2:34 – What is his definition of balance

5:15 – Noticing a tangible difference

7:13 – Biggest roadblocks to finding balance

8:32 – The issues other advisors face

10:55 – Balancing professional skills

14:24 – Professional and personal balance

18:01 – Starting the day with a system

22:17 – Motivation with affirmations and stories

27:25 – Ideas before the internet

29:29 – Outsourcing insurance services

31:54 – Why is this beneficial for advisors?

34:45 – Having a relationship with BC brokerage

36:48 – Why should you work with BC brokerage?

40:25 – How can you reach out to Broc?


More about BC Brokerage:


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