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Ep 27: Reprogramming How We Think About Sales with Nancy Bleeke

Today, Nancy Bleeke, the founder of Sales Pro Insider and the author of Conversations that Sell, joins us to discuss the struggles advisors face when it comes to sales and stabilizing their business.




More About This Episode:

A lot of advisors struggle with sales. Some fear being too aggressive Others are worried they’ll become too busy. But is this stemming from a deeper fear of success?

On today’s episode, we are joined by the founder of Sales Pro Insider, author, and speaker, Nancy Bleeke. Originally starting her journey in financial services, she has transitioned into training advisors and their staff at sales. A lot of advisors don’t consider themselves as natural salespeople and Nancy is helping them become more skilled and confident throughout the industry.

Nancy sees balance as a personal decision that we have to consciously make. Balance to one person is going to look different to another. You can’t achieve balance until you define what balance looks like inside of your own life.

If you enjoy your job, as many advisors do, it can be difficult to intentionally build those boundaries. Nancy has seen advisors struggle with balancing the roles and responsibilities of their business, something that flows into their personal lives as well.

Advisors are in this industry to help people. But in order to help clients, you have to convince them to make the confident decision to invest in your services. Sales is an essential part of the financial industry. With Nancy, we discuss why advisors struggle with sales and how it’s impacting their journey to find balance.

Join us today as we further discuss:

· Her struggles with balance and how she had to reset her life

· How advisors struggle with balance inside of their business

· Why do some advisors struggle with sales and success?

· How Nancy is helping advisors confidently convert sales in their business?


1:18 – How did she end up in this industry?

3:42 – What is Nancy’s definition of balance?

6:11 – Her own struggles with balance

9:13 – What issues do advisors face?

12:16 – The start and stop in business

16:35 – Are advisors reluctant?

20:40 – Being afraid of success

24:18 – How does her process work?

28:54 – Your mindset and approach

34:08 – Learning to listen

37:27 – Helping others and setting boundaries


More About Nancy:


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