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Ep 30: Contingency Planning and Change with Ross Marino

When life happens, it can be really hard to make decisions, but those decisions move the needle. Today, Ross Marino, the financial advisor, entrepreneur, and author joins us to discuss being resilient in the face of change.




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, Ross Marino, the founder of Transitus Wealth Partners and Advisor2x joins us. Ross found his passion for financial services in ninth grade after reading a copy of Money Magazine. We’ll explore Ross’ experience finding balance, how we can be resilient in the face of change, and more on today's show.

Balance is at the forefront of personal development. It stems from our values and priorities. Ross had a mental shift nearly 15 years ago after hearing a pastor discuss the importance of becoming centered. Like many of us, balance for Ross is flexible and changes with you and your family’s needs.

Early on in your career or business, it’s natural to be slanted towards a busy work life. You are getting your new life, and new business up and running, it’s going to take some time and hard work. The important thing is to learn when to pull back, to prevent yourself from building something that doesn’t allow you to find balance.

Join us today as we further discuss:

  • Balance during the early years of starting as an advisor

  • How Ross has pulled back in business to find boundaries

  • Letting non-negotiables structure your business

  • Building your business with a long-term perspective

  • More about Ross’ book Shaping Change


1:15 – Reading Money Magazine

2:16 – Becoming balanced and centered

5:24 – Priorities shifting over time

7:21 – Biggest struggle to achieve balance

10:56 – Finding boundaries and pulling back

13:51 – Becoming the person he is today

16:52 – Advice for advisors that want to lead

21:33 – Other issues that he sees in this industry

24:41 – What has helped Ross deal with change?

28:18 – Ross’ book Shaping Change

34:11 – How you can contact Ross


More about Ross:


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