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Ep 28: Freedom from Distraction with Brent Kelly

The President of Sitkins Group and motivational speaker, Brent Kelly joins us on today’s episode to discuss overcoming distraction and achieving freedom through balance.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Brent Kelly the President of Sitkins Group Inc joins us to discuss freedom, distractions, and the struggles advisors face. First and foremost, he’s a husband and father of five children. In business though, Brent is helping advisors and insurance agencies maximize their performance and find balance.

For Brent that means freedom. Freedom when it comes to your business, your relationships, your time. Are you living your purpose? Are you doing things that matter to you? There has to be a mission for the reason you do things in business and life.

As a motivational coach himself Brent knows the importance of practicing what he preaches. When you tell people what they should do they may listen to you. But when you show them your own vulnerabilities and struggles people will lean into you. Brent has found balance through intentionality and prioritization. To him, that’s a focus on faith, family, finances, fitness, and fun.

Busy is not a badge of honor. Brent notices advisors struggle to spend their time productively. Brent recommends planning your week in advance, being intentional, and acting purposefully.

Join us to today as we explore:

  • The importance of time and prioritization

  • How email, social media, and research impact advisors

  • Watching our habits and keeping distance from temptation

  • How his business is helping agencies and individuals


1:36 – Brent’s background story

3:27 – Having a large family

4:42 – His definition of balance

8:54 – Brent’s struggles

13:30 – Pressure as a coach

15:56 – Keeping balance

19:29 – Email, social media, research

24:33 - Watching your habits

29:12 – Struggles others face

33:29 – Tips for the green zone

36:57 – How he helps others


More about Brent:


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