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Ep 31: Establishing A Strong Marketing Foundation with Alex Cavalieri

Building a robust marketing plan can help with various parts of your business and life, especially on your journey to find balance. On today’s show, Alex Cavalieri, the co-founder of Seven Group joins us to discuss the dynamic relationship between marketing and balance.




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, Alex Cavalieri, the co-founder of Seven Group, joins us to discuss his journey in the financial industry, marketing in the digital age, and how having a strong marketing presence can help us achieve balance in our day-to-day lives.

As an advisor to advisors, Alex has seen many people struggle with delegation. Preventing them from running their business and life efficiently. How do you start trusting others to take on your tasks? Alex wants to help advisors create a marketing and communication strategy that works for them rather than them working for it.

Part of this journey is developing a cadence of content that fits within your schedule. Seven Group want advisors to spend a small amount of time on marketing every day which will add up to huge improvements in their business. Effective automation and paid advertisements have to make sense for the advisor. Driving inbound form completion instead of outbound.

The first step Alex takes with advisors is auditing their website, automating what they can, and saving them time and stress. From there, Alex helps advisors build up their content catalog helping them build a robust marketing foundation that drives their business forward while keeping them personally balanced.

Join us today as we discuss further:

· Whether you should focus your content on newsletters, social media, or on your website

· Why advisors struggle with newsletters and emails

· Tips and tricks for managing marketing content and emails


0:56 – How did Alex end up in the financial industry?

3:57 – What does balance mean to Alex?

5:58 – Biggest issues other advisors face

8:30 – How does Alex delegate tasks?

11:16 – Making marketing work for you

14:03 – How do advisors leverage their time?

16:51 – Social media, website, or newsletter?

20:25 – It all comes down to content

24:31 – What tips worked for Alex?

28:05 – How can you reach out to Alex?

29:25 – Find breaks in the day


More about Alex:


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