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Ep 32: Managing Your Energy and Battle Fatigue with Marie Swift

Managing your energy and time is essential when working within the financial industry. How can we do better to manage the battle fatigue we face as advisors?




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, Marie Swift, PR pro and marketing guru, joins us to discuss balancing your energy, relationships, and business. As the founder of Impact Communications, she has advised countless advisors on their journey of growth in business and beyond. Coming from hospitality, Marie found her passion for helping financial advisors after receiving a position at a wealth management firm.

Through Marie’s journey to find balance she’s seen the different forms it can take as a business owner, mother, and grandmother. Having her own grandson has prompted her to think about the next step in life on a personal and business level, while also staying present with her family.

Each advisor faces unique challenges, but for most of us will face battle fatigue in this industry. It’s essential we mind both our relationships and health. As a fatigued individual you are not your most productive self. Marie wants advisors to listen to their mind and body.

Join us today as we further discuss:

· Grounding your purpose through marketing and PR

· How Impact Communications is helping advisors


1:24 – What made her choose financial advisors?

2:19 – Did she start out in marketing?

3:37 – What is Marie’s definition of balance?

6:54 – Being a working mom vs. a working grandma

11:21 – What helps her maintain balance?

15:18 – What struggles does she see advisors face?

18:12 – Living your highest priorities

20:09 – Focusing on your physical health

23:19 – How does marketing help with balance

25:29 – How can Marie help you?

27:44 – Where are you spending your time?


More about Marie:


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