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Ep 42: Having a Centered Day with Amy Castoro

Being centered can help balance our days and our minds. On today’s episode, Amy Castoro joins us to explore her journey with balance and how she’s helping families with transitioning wealth through generational coaching and planning.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Amy Castoro joins us to explore her definition of balance and how it’s shaped her journey in generational wealth planning. She has many years of experience helping families transition high net-worth wealth, keeping families unified and in control of their assets. As an author, keynote speaker, and consultant Amy has had to balance various parts of her life and her profession.

Amy became a coach for families after working at both Disney University and at Grant Thornton, where she learned the value of culture and building strong relationships. She found her passion for working with individuals and helping families stay compatible and cohesive.

For Amy, balance means having a centered day. She knows she’s off-balanced when she’s not present. Balance means she’s able to make good decisions and respond in healthy ways to unpredictable situations. While it’s not always easy, Amy ensures she always has time for her family.

Join us today as we also discuss:

  • How imposter syndrome can lead to becoming unbalanced

  • Maintaining balance while scaling growth in business

  • How Zoom has changed things and meeting clients where they are

  • Engaging the next generation and building legacies


1:27 – How did you get here?

3:44 – When do you feel balanced?

6:19 – What throws you off balance?

9:19 – How do you combat imposter syndrome?

13:59 – How do you scale without losing balance?

15:37 – Did Zoom kill creativity?

17:15 – How have you helped people adjust?

19:12 – Engaging the next generation

20:38 – What are the skills you need?

23:26 – Getting the first sentence right

27:37 – What’s the best way to get involved?


More about Amy:

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