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Ep 41: Developing Strong Support Systems with Gabriel Shahin

Building strong support systems in and outside of business allows us to grow and find balance professionally and personally. Entrepreneur, Gabriel Shahin joins us today to discuss building a trusted team, leadership qualities, and how we can find work-life balance in the midst of growing a business.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Gabriel Shahin a CFP, founder of Falcon Wealth, and radio show host joins us to explore his career and how he’s found balance as a professional. Starting in 2003 within national banks, Gabriel has found his passion early on working with clients but struggled to find a culture that he valued. With the support of his wife and family he became a successful independent advisor.

Gabriel views balance as prioritizing your focus. There are two worlds: the work world and family world and you have to learn to appreciate both of them. If you don’t have a passion for your work, burn-out is high.

Finding your happy zone and being able to communicate effectively with your family is a huge factor in finding balance. Learning to be self-aware when you’re outside of work is essential. Building a team, you can trust and delegate to is part of growing your business and finding balance within life. You can’t buy time back.

Join us today as we also discuss:

· Being present in the moment with your family

· Finding good team members and growing your business

· Leadership issues within the industry

· Building strong support systems


0:56 – How did you end up in financial services?

3:13 – What time environment do you see yourself in?

4:52 – What is your definition of balance?

7:41 – What is one of your biggest struggles with finding balance?

9:21 – What changes have you made since starting your practice?

11:45 – What is the most difficult thing about finding the right people to delegate to?

14:15 – What are the biggest struggles team members face?

17:54 – What are big issues for others in the industry?

20:59 – What advice would you give to others?

25:00 – How have you built your support systems?

29:17 – How can people contact you?


More about Gabriel:

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