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Ep 40: Making Change through Freedom and Flexibility with Greg Kurinec

With flexibility and freedom, we are able to do much more in and outside of business. Whether you want to spend more time with your family, start your own non-profit, or find another passion outside of business, learning to delegate and trust your team is the first step.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Greg Kurinec, an advisor with Bentron Financial Group, joins us to explore his background in the industry and how he’s found balance as an advisor. Greg enjoys serving others and has found his passion through his work.

Work life balance for Greg, is freedom. Freedom to pursue his opportunities and goals in life. As an advisor, taking care of his clients is often his number one priority. But when he’s balanced, he has the freedom to take time off, to enjoy a vacation, or to pursue another passion.

Being able to leave the office and knowing his staff can take care of his business has given Greg that freedom to pursue his own non-profit, Jeanne’s Journey For Hope. Having a sense of flexibility and work-life balance, has allowed Greg the chance to be involved in a mission outside of work, one close to his community and family.

We will also discuss:

· How Greg got started in his own non-profit

· Struggles with letting go of control in and outside of work

· How Greg works with his team for optimized balance


1:58 – What is your definition of work like balance?

3:17 – How did you get started with your nonprofit?

5:57 – Flexibility and balance allows for this

8:12 – What are the biggest challenges of work life balance?

10:17 – What has worked for you?

13:03 – How does you advisor group and staffing work?

16:00 – What are other important issues advisors face?

19:04 – What would your advice to other advisors be?

22:14 – How do you get in touch with Greg?


More about Greg:

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