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Learn why most financial professionals and business owners

Fail at Time Management

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Learning to live your life on purpose is really about having a time management system in place that works so you can achieve your goals in life!


Dr. Parry has spent over a decade creating and evaluating the effectiveness of a research-based system called the Make Time Productivity System that can help financial professionals and entrepreneurs make more time and reinvest it into their own lives. His coaching philosophy begins with creating a time management system to streamline your work so you can invest your freed up time in your other areas of life.

Step 1 - Time Management System 

Financial Professionals and Entrepreneurs are at least 3 times more likely to be a workaholic than the average American. Instead of only learning traditional business productivity tips, you should be taught the 4 missing steps to create work/life balance and not fall prey to the Productivity Myth. 


Dr. Parry created the Make Time System™ to help you learn about the missing steps to productivity and create work/life balance. He's coached dozens of financial professionals through each of these steps and increased productivity by 20%. Read or watch the testimonials below.


Step 2- Goal Achievement Systems

Step 2 is achieving goals in your Individual, Relational, and Financial areas of your life in place. You know that having any of these important aspects in your life in crisis mode that it takes away from your productivity at work and disrupts the balance in your calendar. Taking the time you saved in Step 1 and creating a system for each aspect of your personal life will enable you to be even more productive and purposeful in your living. 


However, this is not done alone. Many make the mistake of investing in "personal" development to improve their life yet they keep the person out of the process that will help the most to develop and improve; their loving spouse. Not only will this benefit you each individually, but because Time is the #1 factor in improving any loving relationship, your marriage will thrive!


The 2nd Step includes your spouse to help you create a system for each the Individual, Relationship, and Financial aspects of your life together! This will enable you to have the skills and abilities to each of your life's goals together! 

While most "life coaches" may have experience and knowledge coaching, very few have the depth of knowledge to actually coach an individual let alone a couple through the process of achieving goals in every area of life. Dr. Parry stands apart with his education, experience, and his revolutionary Make Time Coach process that includes the couple to help you achieve your life's goals and fulfill your purpose. This process has many raving couple fans who have seen their lives transformed through the process!

Individual/Health Goals

Millions of people are trying to get healthier, have a better spiritual connection with God, find more time to relax and do hobbies they love. Others want to learn how to manage their stress and understand their emotions better. These are all individually related areas of life and fit this category and include:

  • Mental Health (Fun/Rec, Self-Improvement)

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health

Dr. Parry has earned an M.S. in psychology and Ph.D. in Human Development that qualifies him to teach how to achieve goals in these specific areas.


Relational Goals

The highest motivation in life is not personal achievement instead, individuals desire to get married, have children, and have quality relationships with all. These relationship areas include:

  • Relationship with Spouse

  • Relationship with Family

  • Relationship with Friends

  • Relationship with Community

Dr. Parry has earned a Ph.D. in Family Relations that qualifies him to teach how to achieve goals in these specific areas.

Financial Goals

Money is that area of life that is necessary to both earn a living and use the income to manage a home and save for the future. Unfortunately, financial professionals' families can oftentimes be like the shoemaker's children if this is neglected and couples do not work together to help each other. In this area, Dr. Parry helps financial professionals earn a better income and work with the couple to manage it properly. This area includes:

  • Career 

  • Finances

Dr. Parry's experience as a financial planner, counselor, coach, and educator along with his M.S. in psychology (career) and his Ph.D. in Family Relations (finances) qualifies him to teach how to achieve goals in these specific areas.


Michael's Interview

Michael was an experienced financial planner who was feeling pulled in all directions. He was trying and failing to ease out of his 50 hr/week practice. Learn how the Make Time Coaching Program enabled him to finally think clearly and finally shave off 10 hrs/week to Make Time for his wife and how it improved his business and their relationship!

   Michael's Testimonial

The whole point of doing the coaching with Travis was to help me keep me focused and it succeeded. I now get more out of each day and when life is out of control my new Ideal Calendar brings me back to center so I don't get bamboozled!


The Ideal Calendar helps me stay balanced and helps me make more time for the personal aspects of life. For example, adding date night has given my wife and me the reason to go out more regularly. I see the date on my calendar before I leave work and instead of putting on sweatpants and hanging out at home I come home and ask my wife where do you want to eat tonight? Elizabeth is incredibly busy and so the time we spend together over dinner on our dates have led to our best conversations!   


Business wise, the timing of this coaching was very good. At my age, things don't lighten up. I've been working on my business more than ever and our firm has grown phenomenally. This has brought a lot of work for everybody as we prepare for a transition soon.


Overall, the coaching has given me a ground zero to come back to personally and at work. I am not perfect at it yet but I can certainly feel that I am getting there as I am living my Ideal Calendar and making it a part of my regular schedule.


It really is a simple process, you just need to stick to it and build the Ideal Calendar and live it! I have enjoyed every minute of the coaching with Dr. Parry and would recommend him to anyone!



Harold's Interviews

Harold was living below his potential and in desperate need of life-changing help to be more productive at work. He tried several online courses and it never really helped him. Making the leap to do the coaching and getting 1-1 help made him 20% more productive and has changed his life with his family. Hear his story of change through the Make Time Coaching Program and what it has done for him! 

This is the full interview:

Anthony's Interview

Anthony went from working 80+ hrs/week to only 30 and is earning more money and spending more time with his family. Learn how the Make Time Productivity Coaching Program helped him to do it! 

Nathan's Testimonial

I could tell when I met Travis Parry that he has done his research, and his whole focus was to help others get more satisfaction and stability out of life.  I did not feel like he was trying to sell something he did not understand, or that he did not try to live himself.


My wife and I worked with him so that we could understand our relationship with our finances, and how to work better as a team when we talk about money.  He had a way of talking with us that allowed us to approach subjects that we found we were avoiding, or which seemed very stressful in the past.  He also had some good tips about how to keep track of money and budget, using a virtual envelope system, which I really liked.


When I was informed that the office where I worked was going to shut down, my wife and I immediately thought of Travis Parry and felt we could trust him to help us get through this transition.

I felt it was important to work with someone because I did not want another full-time job doing the same things I'd been doing for two decades.  The problem was, I was having a hard time clarifying what it was that I was looking for.  I had inklings of ideas, but I was struggling to define it more clearly.


Travis Parry, after only a few weeks, was able to help me tease those nebulous thoughts into a clear picture of what I wanted, and then to help me start rearranging how I was using my time so that I could start, even if only a little bit, living those ideas right now.  I found that he utilized many ideas I had heard from other sources and had packaged them up together to help effect a whole-person transformation.


For me, one of the most important exercises was to define what attributes or qualities about myself I most valued, and how to change the focus of my life into living those values more effectively.  Within weeks, I felt like I had been loosed from shackles I did know I was living with and had a sense of freedom I had not felt in years.  Another helpful exercise was how to change fears I had into affirmative statements, to help me stay positive, and avoid becoming petrified in inaction.


Through all our sessions, I never felt judged.  I was handed tools but had to come up with all the answers myself, of how to define my life, my values, my priorities, and how to use my time. I was glad to be able to give him the opportunity to help me, and in so doing to help him live his own dream of helping others improve their relationships and their satisfaction with life.



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"Dr. Parry is amazing!  His program and expertise helped me with personal understanding and growth, as well as in my marriage. We gained many skills and tools to help find success on our own in managing our finances and preparing for the future. Working with Travis was well worth all the time and money invested!"

"It helped me to be more productive at work, increase flexibility in my schedule and improve my focus in life. This helped us lose weight, pay off $50,000 in debt, and learn how to be a solid team!"



"We used to be disorganized procrastinators. We are more focused and organized with our goals, and making them a reality is more probable…you will have more success and organization in your life!"

"It was worth every dollar for our relationship!"

M. Poulsen

"Getting us on the same page financially was by far the most helpful result of going through the program. I feel like we are working together as a team…and finally set us on a positive course financially."