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Learn why most business owners

Fail at Time Management

and what You can do about it!



Work/life balance is more likely to be achieved when you have a time management system in place!


Dr. Parry has spent over a decade creating and evaluating the effectiveness of a research-based system called the Make Time Method that can help business owners make more time and reinvest it into their own lives. This system then allows for deeper focus on the business and personal health goals the couple has.


For many advisors learning the concepts in the Make Time Course is enough to make a significant change. However, many still struggle with implementing skills they've learned in the courses or the book "Achieving Balance".


Some need professional coaching to adequately make the transformation stick in their business and personal lives. I have coached dozens of financial professionals and business owners through the Make Time Method. Check out the details and the testimonials below! 

My time is valuable and my coaching spots are limited, so apply to join the program today to see if you would be a good fit. 


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Part 1-Time Management System 

Financial Advisors and Business Owners are at least 3-5 times more likely to be a workaholic than the average American. Instead of only learning traditional business productivity tips, you should be taught the 5 missing steps to create work/life balance and not fall prey to the Productivity Myth. 

  • Step #1: Discovering your life values.

  • Step #2: Aligning your values with your goals.

  • Step #3: Prioritizing your time.

  • Step #4: Improving your productivity.

  • Step #5: Accountability with your spouse.


Dr. Parry created the Make Time System™ to help you learn about the missing steps to productivity and create work/life balance. He's coached dozens of financial professionals through each of these steps and increased productivity by 20-50%. Read or watch the testimonials below.




Brooklyn's Strategy Session 

Brooklyn was working 80 hours plus/week and after the initial coaching session was able to break the cycle!

Ryan went from 78 to 40 hrs/wk

Ryan was a stressed-out Agency Owner struggling to work in his Sweet Spot with little free time and $40,000 of lost productivity.

After organizing his time into his most productive activities and creating a time management system to delegate everything else, Ryan dropped 38 hours

and reclaimed his lost revenue!

Mark got his balance back during the Pandemic

Mark's story is inspiring as he fought through the craziness of the Pandemic to and finally achieve the balance he and his family both needed him to have.

Spencer gained awareness and consistency in his workday

Spencer is an incredibly busy and productive business owner but he lacked the consistency to keep him on track...especially during the shift to virtual.

See what helped him the most about the Make Time Coaching Program to make this shift to consistency!

Julie finally has a solid time management system 

Julie is a coach who prides herself on helping others but not until she could really help herself was she able to give the time needed to do that. 


After graduating from the Make Time Program she was able to do just that.

Raoul went from 80 to 35 hrs/wk

Raoul is a successful financial advisor/firm owner who was working 7 days/week and had little time away. While he enjoyed vacations, he couldn't leave a focus on time with his family without being attached to his clients and employees.

Now, he is working 4.5 days/week and loving the focus on his family when he is on vacation and the clarity he has at work. Since starting the Make Time Program, he has seen the greatest increase in business revenue while working less than ever before!

Ann went from 75 to 36 hrs/wk

Ann was stuck in a reactive state trying to gain balance as a successful financial advisor. With 8,000 emails and over 75 hours of work/week, she was buried and overwhelmed. 

After starting the Make Time Coaching Program, she is only working 36 hrs/week, killing the email chaos, getting home in time for family activities, and making time for herself again!

Justin went from 77 to 40 hrs/wk!

Justin was a successful financial advisor who was only making it home for dinner 4 times a month. Shortly before we started in the Make Time Program worked well over 77 hours a week and not feeling fulfilled.
Now Justin is killing it (added $90,000 in additional income in 3 months) working a regular 40-hour workweek, spending more quality time with his family, and feeling amazing! Watch his full video testimonial below.

Michael went from 50 to 40 hrs/wk

Michael was an experienced financial planner who was feeling pulled in all directions. He was trying and failing to ease out of his 50 hr/week practice. Learn how the Make Time Coaching Program enabled him to finally think clearly and finally shave off 10 hrs/week to Make Time for his wife and how it improved his business and their relationship!

Harold became 20% more productive!

Harold was living below his potential and in desperate need of life-changing help to be more productive at work. He tried several online courses and it never really helped him. 


Making the leap to do the coaching and getting 1-1 help made him 20% more productive and has changed his life with his family. Hear his story of change through the Make Time Coaching Program and what it has done for him! 

Anthony went from 80 to 30 hrs/wk

Anthony went from working 80+ hrs/week to only 30 and is earning more money and spending more time with his family. Learn how the Make Time Productivity Coaching Program helped him to do it! 


I was super stressed and overwhelmed before the Make Time Program and it wasn't good for my home life!

I learned that the Ideal Calendar and having a system to process my task lists and notes helped me to be more productive, have more time with my family, and be overall less stressed!

I am now more relaxed because I don't have to keep things saved in my mind. I can check those to-dos off each day and there is a satisfaction for deleting the things that I have done. I can concentrate more on my family and make more time to be there with the kids!



Ross's Testimonial

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Schedule a Free Coaching Call to see what it would be like to work with Dr. Parry. Travis will work with you for a 1-hour period to identify the area that is causing you to fail at being productivity and help you create a plan of action to tackle it. Only a select number of participants are invited into the coaching programs, so if you want results like our previous clients have then sign-up for a Free Coaching call with Dr. Parry today!

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Part 2-Goals

Once you and your spouse have a solid time management system in place you are able to work on your goals. This helps you to achieve an optimal balance and avoid becoming a productive workaholic! It also helps you to be healthier, wealthier, and happier in your own relationships!

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Individual Goals

Millions of people are trying to get healthier, have a better spiritual connection with God, find more time to relax and do hobbies they love. Others want to learn how to manage their stress and understand their emotions better. These are all individually related areas of life and fit this category and include:

  • Mental Health (Fun/Rec, Self-Improvement)

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health



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Relational Goals

The highest motivation in life is not personal achievement, instead individuals desire to get married, have children, and have quality relationships with all. These relationship areas include:

  • Relationship with Spouse

  • Relationship with Family

  • Relationship with Friends

  • Relationship with Community

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Business/Financial Goals

Money is the area of life that is necessary to both earn a living and use the income to manage a home and save for the future. Managing income is one thing but working together to bring it in is the driving force. As a couple-preneur, you do this as a team! In this area, Dr. Parry helps financial professionals earn a better income and work with the couple to manage it properly. This area includes:

  • Career/Business 

  • Finances



"Dr. Parry is amazing! He really improved the quality of my life! His program and expertise helped me with personal understanding and growth, as well as in my marriage. He was kind, thorough, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. He gave me and my husband the tools to grow and improve in our marriage, parenting, spiritual health, and personal development. We gained many skills and tools to help find success on our own in managing our finances and preparing for the future. Working with Travis was well worth all the time and money invested!"



"We used to be disorganized procrastinators. We are more focused and organized with our goals, and making them a reality is more probable…you will have more success and organization in your life!"


"It was worth every dollar for our relationship!"

M. Poulsen


"Getting us on the same page financially was by far the most helpful result of going through the program. I feel like we are working together as a team…and finally set us on a positive course financially."


Are you a good fit for Coaching?

Schedule a Free Coaching Call to see what it would be like to work with Dr. Parry. Travis will work with you for a 1-hour period to identify the area that is causing you to fail at being productivity and help you create a plan of action to tackle it. Only a select number of participants are invited into the coaching programs, so if you want results like our previous clients, sign-up for a Free Coaching call with Dr. Parry today!

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