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Achieving Balance is more likely to be achieved when you have a time management system in place!



Dr. Parry has spent over a decade creating and evaluating the effectiveness of a research-based system called the Make Time Method that can help business owners make more time and reinvest it into their own lives. 


For many business owners learning the concepts in the Make Time Course is enough to make a significant change. However, many still struggle with implementing skills they've learned in the courses or the book "Achieving Balance".


Some need professional coaching to adequately make the transformation stick in their business and personal lives. Dr. Parry has coached dozens of business owners through the Make Time Method. Check out the details and the testimonials below! 

Dr. Parry's time is valuable and coaching spots are limited, so apply to join the program today to see if you would be a good fit. 


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Part 1 - Time Management System 

Financial Advisors and Business Owners are at least 3-5 times more likely to be a workaholic than the average American. Instead of only learning traditional business productivity tips, you should be taught the 5 missing steps to create work/life balance and not fall prey to the Productivity Myth. 

  • Step #1: Discovering your life values.

  • Step #2: Aligning your values with your goals.

  • Step #3: Prioritizing your time.

  • Step #4: Improving your productivity.

  • Step #5: Accountability with your spouse.


Dr. Parry created the Make Time System™ to help you learn about the missing steps to productivity and create work/life balance. He's coached dozens of financial professionals through each of these steps and increased productivity by 20-50%. Read or watch the testimonials below.


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Part 2-Goals

Once you and your spouse have a solid time management system in place you are able to work on your goals. This helps you to achieve an optimal balance and avoid becoming a productive workaholic! It also helps you to be healthier, wealthier, and happier in your own relationships!

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Individual Goals

Millions of people are trying to get healthier, have a better spiritual connection with God, find more time to relax and do hobbies they love. Others want to learn how to manage their stress and understand their emotions better. These are all individually related areas of life and fit this category and include:

  • Mental Health (Fun/Rec, Self-Improvement)

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health



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Relational Goals

The highest motivation in life is not personal achievement, instead individuals desire to get married, have children, and have quality relationships with all. These relationship areas include:

  • Relationship with Spouse

  • Relationship with Family

  • Relationship with Friends

  • Relationship with Community

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Business/Financial Goals

Money is what you help your clients to manage, yet there may be some psychological and relational issues that advisors are not taught that are causing you to become a workaholic. It's vital to achieve your personal and business financial goals. This area includes:

  • Career/Business 

  • Finances

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Part 3-Balanced Growth Mentoring

If you are a Balanced Achiever then you are likely to want to scale your business and grow your influence.


Becoming a thought-leader is vital to growing and scaling your business. Dr. Parry has 10x his business with the influence his book, podcast, speaking, and other content have allowed him.


He now mentors successful and balanced advisors to scale their businesses without losing their balance through becoming a thought leader with a book, podcasts, speaking, and videos.

Some of his latest clients have become thought leaders in their space in part to their #1 Best-selling Books.

Kaylin Dillon

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Bob Neinaber
"Retention Revolution"

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Travis Parry
"Balanced Growth"

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Are you a good fit for Coaching?

Schedule a Free Coaching Call to see what it would be like to work with Dr. Parry. Travis will work with you for a 1-hour period to identify the area that is causing you to fail at being productivity and help you create a plan of action to tackle it. Only a select number of participants are invited into the coaching programs, so if you want results like our previous clients, sign-up for a Free Coaching call with Dr. Parry today!

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