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Dr. Travis G. Parry
Speaker | Coach | Author
Craig W. Hayes
Director of Operations
Kayla A. Parry
Executive Assistant 
Camden R. Winn
Director of Sales & Marketing
Ryan T. Parry
Marketing Assistant
                                            Jake Hardy
                                     Sales Assistant

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The Make Time Mission

The Make Time Institute was founded by Dr. Parry back in 2007 to help financial advisors achieve balance. 


Dr. Parry began his career as a financial advisor and quickly began overwhelmed with the demands of work, school, home, and neglected his health. He found himself in the workaholic trap like many in the financial industry. 


After his father suddenly died at age 49, Dr. Parry set out to study health, stress, and goals achievement. In the process, he began the Make Time Institute to help the industry that needed it the most, financial services.


Recently Dr. Parry published the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book for financial advisors called, "Achieving Balance" which you can purchase at

The book exploded the reach of the Make Time Institute and the Balanced Advisor Movement was born.

A few months ago, we kicked on the Balanced Advisor Podcast with Michael Kitces and dozens of amazing guests like him have followed. Follow that here.

We have been active on social media and created a YouTube Channel for funny videos and serious testimonials from the work that we've done. Check those out here

We have a LinkedIn page where you can stay up to date on all the happenings. Check us out here.

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