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Make Time Partners

For Advisors

TimeLyft's Time & Productivity Management app helps financial advisors increase revenue, improve client profitability, and improve their work/life balance. Use our software to visualize your business activity and client profitability. Monitor your progress as you work towards improving work-life balance and income.

For Firms

TimeLyft's Time & Productivity Management app helps financial advisory firms monitor staff productivity and scale company growth. Your employees (Advisors, Associates, etc) track their time utilization in our app (primarily through integrations with software they already use daily for easy and efficient tracking). The firm's management team will be able to compare the activity of all staff.  


TimeLyft will show your management team the capacity level (hours spent on work activity) for each employee throughout the month, and in turn identify the capacity available for further growth.  You will also be able to compare hourly profitability for each employee, as well as monthly revenue, clients, and more.

Make Time Coaches

Make Time
Health Coach:
Stevyn Guinnup

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Stevyn is an exercise physiologist & daughter of a financial advisor who understands the toll your career can take on your health. She coaches advisors to help them develop a personalized health plan so you don't die at your desk!!! She is currently writing a book on the subject.

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Lesli is a passionate believer in marriage, but marriage done right. Her belief in the possibility for committed, thriving marriages has led Lesli on a mission to identify and deliver practical solutions to help create those successful relationships by taking the work and fear out of them; breaking the cycle of divorce.

Make Time
Relationship Coach: Leslie Doares


Jody has worked as a financial coach for a decade and has personally been trained in the family financial coaching method from Dr. Parry. When she's not busy taking care of my finances and coaching others, she loves to sing, read, eat healthy, do YouTube workouts, run 5k's, go for walks, and spend time with family and friends.

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Financial Advisor Partner: Brooklyn Brock

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Brooklyn Brock is a 3rd generation financial advisor and founder of Ellevate Advisors LLC. They are the only firm I've found that specializes in Financial Planning and Exit Coaching for advisors themselves. She recognized that advisors rarely do financial planning or retirement planning for themselves like they do for their clients, which drove her to launch her own firm to serve advisors exclusively. She was the 2021 NextGen Oklahoma award winner in Finance and travels across the nation as a speaker/educator, sharing her passion of helping advisors themselves.

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