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Ep 34: The Fear of Losing Control with Allen Myles Darby

Updated: May 6, 2022

Learning to let go of control is never easy, especially for advisors. On today’s show, the CEO of Alaris Acquisitions joins us to share the lessons he’s learned in the financial industry and the ways he’s helping advisors find balance.




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, Allen Myles Darby, the CEO of Alaris Acquisitions joins us to share lessons he’s learned about balance as a wealth manager for over 3 decades. Starting off in insurance and eventually finding his way into financial management, Allen has had the opportunity to grow his experiences with mentors and peers in the industry.

For Allen, balance is about having his actions match his values in life. Similarly, he’s helping clients find their balance in business and beyond, aiding people in building businesses that support a good quality of life. As an advisor to advisors, he’s seen many advisors struggle with business operations. They may take great care of their clients, but they may not have the skills that elevate a business forward.

Advisors that run an effective business remove any dependency their business has on one person, even themselves. It’s frightening to give up this amount of control, but having an institutionalized business allows you, your staff, and your business to become greater than ever before.

Join us today as we discuss

  • Pathway to institutionalize your business

  • Struggles advisors face with control and solutions to this problem

  • How Allen and Alaris Acquisitions is helping advisors find balance


1:11 – How did Allen get into the industry?

5:08 – Alaris Acquisitions

5:48 – What is balance to Allen?

7:41 – What issues do advisors face?

10:59 – What is the solution?

16:41 – Losing control of your business

18:48 – Why do advisors struggle with control?

21:34 – Facing fear around control

23:05 – What does Allen struggle with?

25:47 – Tech and distractions

27:09 – What helps Allen keep balance?

29:12 – Does your phone distract you?

30:34 – Turn your notifications off

32:04 – How Allen helps advisors with balance

36:48 – How to reach out to Allen


More about Allen:

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