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Ep 36: Balancing Your Priorities with Matt Hudgins

How do we learn to balance our priorities? To accept the importance of delegation and overcome imposter syndrome? On today’s episode Matt Hudgins, business owner and financial planner joins us to discuss these issues and more.



More About This Episode:

On today's episode, our guest Matt Hudgins sits down to discuss his experience over the past 25 years helping business owners transition into retirement. Starting his career as a sales analyst, Matt moved into finances and planning, eventually starting his own business 15 years ago.

Balance to Matt is about rotating his priorities whether that’s family, hobbies, or his career. Through the years, he’s learned to set his priorities and determine what is acceptable versus not acceptable when it comes to balancing time between work and family. Every day he looks at his responsibilities and asks himself what he has to do to accomplish those goals, he doesn’t question whether he’ll get them done but how.

Many of us struggle with the imposter syndrome and delegation. It’s okay to ask questions and set boundaries that allow you the space and time you need to succeed. Through his business, 10x Profit, he’s helping advisors get through these struggles by avoiding busy work and learning to delegate and take care of their own financial needs.

Join us today as we discuss

  • Dealing with balance when emergencies come up

  • Imposter syndrome and feeling like you need the answers

  • How advisors can be better at delegation and business management


0:56 – How Matt got into the industry

2:42 – What does work-life balance mean to you?

4:48 – What were your biggest struggles?

7:09 – The biggest challenge with prioritization

9:06 – What did you do when emergencies showed up?

12:41 – What is causing the imbalance?

15:46 – What is the key to delegation?

22:07 – What are the biggest issues advisors face?

28:12 – Get coaching with Matt!


More about Matt:

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