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Ep 37: The Three Bucket Approach to Balance: Business, Family, & Giving with Lee Baker

When you go on vacation are you really relaxed? Are you present with your family? Are you able to turn off your business mindset? Lee Baker, joins us to discuss his three-bucket approach to balance, the importance of truly taking a break and more!




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, Lee Baker, the founder and president of Apex Financial Services, joins us to break down his journey to find balance inside the financial industry. He got into financial planning after helping his future wife balance family and her finances. Motivated by his goal to help improve the lives of others, Lee has been serving his clients for the past 20 decades and has been listed on Investopedia!

Work-life balance for Lee is multifaceted, divided into three buckets: business, family, and giving. Being successful in each of these areas has been an important focus in Lee’s journey.

Advisors and business owners alike struggle even when they are supposed to be on vacation. Lee knows the importance of being able to give yourself and your brain a break in order to prevent burnout. A lot of us are “always on.” Perhaps this is because many of us stem our worth from the success we see in business. Through the years, Lee has learned to address this issue and find ways to balance his family, life, and business, finding success and joy in various areas of life.

Join us today as we discuss:

  • Being present when you are with your family

  • Turning your business off during vacation

  • Having too much reliance on production


1:06 – Was it a goal to be on Investopedia?

2:01 – How did you find financial planning?

4:45 – What is your definition of work-life balance?

9:01 – Being present in the moment

11:29 – Being truly on vacation

12:46 – How do you struggle with balance?

17:19 – What is the biggest issues advisors face?

22:03 – Being addicted to production and success

25:41 – One thing that has helped you stay focused?

29:19 – Thank you for joining us Lee!


More about Lee:


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