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Ep 38: The Importance of Downtime with Dennis Williams

Dennis Williams is helping advisors and clients alike better understand their financial spending habits through his innovation, Cash Map. Join us on today’s episode as we discuss Dennis’ concept of work-life balance and why recognizing the importance of downtime is essential for us all.




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, the creator of Cash Map, Dennis Williams joins us to explore how he’s helping people confidently use more of their money, save more, and enjoy their life more. Through his services, he’s seen advisors struggle with balance while facing his own issues with balance.

As a business owner and innovator, Dennis loves to jump into projects at 150% but realizes balance allows him to be more effective at what he does. Dennis knows it’s important to be able to say “it’s good enough” in life. You can’t stress every little thing; you’ll burn yourself out! Being consciously aware of the small steps you’re looking at mastering can help you focus on productivity and balance. Focusing on small achievements can make big improvements in your life and business.

Scheduling time to step away from work, whether it’s a walk or a family dinner, can elevate your experience in both your relationships and your work. Dennis’ most important advice to other advisors is to recognize the importance of downtime! Taking downtime is essential, if you don’t and you are tired, you’re not going to see clearly. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

Most people don’t know how much they are spending on a monthly basis and Dennis is on a mission to help clients and advisors better understand their finances. Join us today as Dennis shares his journey to find balance and how he’s helping others through Cash Map.

We’ll further breakdown:

  • Working with our team to delegate and become stronger

  • Recognizing the importance of downtime

  • How Dennis is helping advisors and clients with the Cash Map


0:49 – How did you get in financial services?

2:52 – What struggles do you face?

4:18 – What is your definition of balance?

5:10 – Getting out of the perfectionism mindset

7:57 – What struggles do advisors face?

9:53 – What is the #1 problem with delegation?

11:49 – Biggest piece of advice to advisors

13:51 – How are you helping advisors?

18:57 – The benefit to couples

20:54 – Who is this app good for?

24:36 – What happens if their situation changes?

27:55 – How can advisors utilize Cash Map?


More about Dennis:

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