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Ep 39: Aligning Our Priorities with Katiya Xiong

Do you have a mission, a vision for your business and your personal life? On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of aligning our priorities in the journey to find balance.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, Katiya Xiong, a business coach, and entrepreneur joins us to break down her passion for helping advisors. She believes in connecting with people on the human level with a high-tech approach. While she got into financial services by accident, she found that advisors need strategic solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

To find balance, Katiya truly believes in finding what you love and aligning your life with that mission - whether it’s at work or at home. Balance for her is about staying in tune with her vision. Achieving balance is about aligning her priorities with her mission in and outside of business.

A big problem that many of us face is hiring help. From hiring the right people to being able to delegate properly we have all faced this hurdle at some point. Advisors need to have a clear vision of “who they want to be” and build from there. Having that vision helps team identity, marketing content, your company’s mission, and your overall journey to find balance.

We’ll further breakdown:

  • The value of parents and balancing family

  • Why advisors struggle with hiring help and finding their vision

  • Why advisors struggle with hiring help and finding their vision

  • How Katiya is helping advisors find balance through her own work


1:05 – Why financial services?

4:48 – What is your definition of balance?

8:37 – The biggest struggles as a working mom

11:59 – Top issues other advisors struggle with

19:33 – Why do you think advisors struggle with hiring?

29:15 – How are you helping advisors?

33:39 – Do you broker disability?

35:49 – How to get a hold of Katiya


More about Katiya:

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