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Ep 43: The Discipline to Find Health and Happiness with Bart Zandbergen

With over three decades of experience, Bart Zandbergen has seen various parts of the industry and how advisors are impacted by long work hours and the stresses of running a business. On today’s episode, we’ll explore his journey in the financial industry and how he’s prioritized balance as he’s grown his own business.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, the founder of Zandbergen Group, Bart Zandbergen joins us to discuss his 3 decades of experience in the financial industry and the tips and tricks he has learned throughout the years to maintain balance. He’s devoted his career to helping clients find financial freedom through personalized planning.

After college, Bart got into technical sales and he did so well he started working with a financial advisor. One day, around 30, he realized he wanted to change lives and he spoke with his advisor about this industry. Months later, Bart decided financial industries was the path he wanted to take in order to help people.

Becoming a certified divorce financial specialist was not always in his plan, but Bart realized how much people suffered financially during a divorce wanted to find a way to help them. Many non-financial spouses find themselves completely at a loss once a divorce is finalized as they hadn’t handled the finances before.

Bart, like many advisors who value balance, has learned to become adaptable. For Bart, balance truly means finding what’s important in life. With a focus on family, health, and happiness Bart has been able to build his profession and business around those values.

Join us today as we also discuss:

· Giving “enough of yourself” to family and clients

· Being able to take a step back in order to grow your business

· Increasing trust in your team to handle the tasks you delegate to them


1:06 – Why did you become a CFP?

4:06 – Becoming a certified divorce financial specialist

5:39 – Being adaptable in the industry

6:33 – Balancing health, family, and business

9:35 – What are some of the issues you struggle with?

13:11 – What has been one of the keys to scaling?

16:11 – What do you struggle with today?

17:21 – What increases your trust in your team?

19:15 – The mentality you use through business

21:24 – Struggles other advisors face


More about Bart:

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