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Ep 44: Developing New Habits and New Ways of Thinking with Bill Cates

Bill Cates has worked with advisors for many years, helping them scale their business through communication and relationships. Today, we’ll explore his journey and how he’s helping other professional advisors find success and balance.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, we’re joined by the founder of the Cates Academy and author of Radical Relevance, Referrals Now!, Beyond Referrals, and Don’t Keep Me a Secret, Bill Cates. As a coach to advisors, author, and podcast host Bill has both seen and struggled with balance himself. Now, he’s helping financial professionals with growth, communication, and business development all within the boundaries of balance.

After a career as a drummer in a rock n’ roll band, Bill pivoted into publishing and eventually found his way to becoming a consultant and professional motivator. Slowly, he realized his passion was in helping people and helping them grow their businesses.

For the most part, balance for Bill means doing what he enjoys (as much as he can). While you’re not going to be able to do something you love 100% of the time, maximizing what you enjoy is the goal. Being able to develop new habits and new ways of thinking is difficult, but it is necessary when building a life focused on joy and balance.

Join us today as we also discuss:

· How Bill started his own podcast and how he loves to learn about people.

· Building a team that is used to delegation and being able to let go.

· The importance of accountability and positive support.


1:40 – How did you get into this industry?

3:25 – Inducted into the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

4:26 – What is your definition of balance?

5:56 – What is the biggest struggle you face reaching balance?

8:56 – Do you struggle with delegation or control?

12:36 – What has helped you manage your fears?

15:50 – Having hobbies outside of work

18:36 – Last pieces of advice


More about Bill:

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