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Ep 45: Collaborating with Your Spouse with Benjamin Brandt

Benjamin Brandt is the founder of president of Capital City Wealth, podcast host, and father of six. How does he manage balance while also growing his business?




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, the founder and president of Capital City Wealth Management, podcast host, and father of six, Benjamin Brandt joins. His interest in finances started early with his grandfather. When his grandfather passed away, he saw the struggles his grandmother faced when it came to finances and wanted to help people in similar situations.

Balance for Benjamin means having abundance when it comes to the things that are important to him. He wants to be at home in abundance and grow his business in abundance. It is possible to be intentional on how much time we spend at home and at work.

Being conscious of your family and your spouse's needs and goals is essential when building a business. You don’t want to be paddling against one another. A big part of balance and building a business involves collaboration with your spouse.

Join us today as we discuss:

· Re-investment in balance and in life

· Accountability with families and spouses

· Understanding value expansion


0:53 – How did you get into the industry?

2:59 – What’s your definition of balance?

5:11 – How did you work through this process?

7:33 – How much is your family involved?

9:44 – What do you see in the industry?

14:00 – Why do advisors kick against this idea?

16:31 – What have you discovered since starting the podcast?

17:44 – Matching the skill set with listeners

19:03 – Do you have to convince people?

19:58 – Why do some advisors not podcast?

21:05 – Zoom allowing business growth

22:10 – How are you helping advisors?

25:04 – Where can you learn more?


More about Benjamin:

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