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Ep 46: Building Relationship Balance with Lesli Doares

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

With over twenty years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, Lesli Doares is helping men become comfortable and expressive with their emotions, improving their relationships and their balance.




More About This Episode:

Lesli Doares, a marriage and family therapist joins us on today’s episode of the Balanced Advisor Podcast. With experience helping couples and families for over twenty years, Lesli has a passion for assisting people to build authentic and passionate partnerships.

Her focus is on equipping men with the skills they need in order to have a strong relationships. The role family plays in achieving balance is an important one, they are our support system.

For many of us, particularly men, it can be challenging to express our emotions. Especially in a calculated and fact-based field like financial advising. Lesli is helping men become comfortable with their feelings and relationships.

Join us today as we discuss:

  • Her career as a family therapist and how she helps couples

  • The issues men in particular face when achieving balance

  • Communicating and setting priorities within our relationships


1:05 – How did you become a therapist?

3:51 – What is the meaning of balance?

6:13 – What issues do men face when trying to reach balance?

11:36 – What have you struggled with personally?

16:16 – What is your advice to those trying to find balance in their relationships?

21:19 – How fear plays a role in balance

23:33 – Do men turn to work to avoid relationship problems?

28:04 – When we create a wall against our partner

29:45 – Learning to navigate marriage

34:08 – How can people get ahold of you?


More about Leslie:

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