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Ep 47: Getting Back on Course with Chip Munn

Many advisors are trying to scale their business without losing balance. On today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how we can stay on course with CEO Chip Munn.




More About This Episode:

Experiencing growth as a business owner can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. On today’s episode, we’re talking with someone who knows this transition well, Chip Munn, the CEO of Signature Wealth Strategies.

Chip and his team have gone through various stages of growth but he is able to maintain a personable relationship with his clients while also being an author and podcast host. Managing all of his professional duties along with his personal life has all been about maintaining balance.

To Chip balance means being present where he is. When he’s out of balance, he finds himself thinking about home while at work and while he’s at home he’s worried about work. Being present is a constant battle for many advisors, but being in tune with our attention and energy can help us get back on course.

Join us today as we break down the following with Chip:

  • If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. How to come back to the present and find balance. (6:46)

  • Being intentional and defining what balance looks like professionally and personally. (8:49)

  • The struggle of scaling your business without losing balance. (14:29)

  • How we can become still and intentional. How can we protect ourselves from burnout? (21:52)


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