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Ep 48: Building Structure and Balance with Christopher Mitchell

Unfortunately, most advisors are spending little of their time actually advising. They are playing too many roles in their business to do so. On today’s episode, we’ll explore building structure and balance with CFP, Christopher Mitchell.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, certified financial planner and Managing Partner at IAG, Christopher Mitchell joins us to discuss his mission of helping families reach financial independence while navigating his own journey to find balance.

Chris knew early on that he wanted to be involved in finances and business. Early in his career, he saw advisors struggling with large workloads and burnout. He realized he would need to learn the skills of advising in a slow and steady manner that allowed him to succeed but also avoid the burnout trap.

Learning from the mistakes we see in the industry can help us elevate work-life balance in a new way. For Chris, the key to balance was learning from others and avoiding the mistakes he saw throughout the industry. With every new generation of advisors, Chris hopes balance becomes more common.

Join us today as we break down the following with Christopher:

  • Why do advisors burn out and overwork early on in their careers? (3:18)

  • Balance is tied to the structure of a company. (8:38)

  • Integration and growing a business while keeping balance. (13:55)

  • Advisors are spending little of their time actually being an advisor. (18:34)

  • Avoid being a productive workaholic. (25:11)


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