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Inner Peace ⚖☮️

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Want inner peace? Align your values with your priorities!

If you are stressed-its likely because you aren't living your values they way you'd like to be.

*Take some time and write out your values

*Make sure you are making time for actions (goals) for those values

*Revisit from time to time how you are doing and track your progress toward your goals

Give yourself permission to make massive changes (or small tweaks) to your life to accomplish your values-based goals and you will never be sorry!


In achieving balance, when we're able to use that energy toward our values and our priorities, when we're able to actually do the things that we say we're going to do and really be that person who we know we need to be, when we step up and do that, then I think that's where achieving balance really does help us to have the inner peace. It helps us to achieve those goals.

So that stress, psychologists call it cognitive dissonance. Cognitive meaning mental, dissonance meaning actual distance.

It's when we have two competing thoughts or more at the same time. And we've always heard that term in marketing, a confused mind says no, right? When you walk into a restaurant and there's too many choices, what do we do? We get overwhelmed. We're like, "Waiter or waitress tell us what to buy, like what's good?" We want people to narrow it down.

We want to have choices, but when we are working and we're burning the midnight oil every single night, getting up and just working, working, working, yet, we profess to be somebody who cares about our physical health and wants to be healthy but doesn't work out. And we want to be spiritually close to God, but we don't do anything about it except for maybe, you know, a desperate plea once in a while.

Or we want to spend time with our family, but we can't ever go on vacation and we can't, even when we do go on vacation, we can't stop taking our devices around with us and checking our email and text messages and social media.

Like if we don't do those things, if we can separate and truly be who we say we're going to be, then that is where we lose the mental health. But when we can, when we align with those principles, with our priorities and values, that's when the inner peace comes. That's when we feel that feeling of yes, this is who I'm supposed be.

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