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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Are your fears turning into Phobias that you'd rather not even talk about?

😨Phobias are illogical fears that keep you frozen in place unable to move or act.

As a business owner/financial professional action is imperative in running your firm!

However, some very successful people are keeping themselves from hitting the next level because their fears have turned into phobias.

😨Identify your phobias

😨Take baby steps toward them until you can do it

😨Watch as your phobias disappear and you can reach the next level in success!


Hey Make Time family, I'm coming at you from the local airport today to talk to you about PHOBIAS. I've talked to you about fears and doubts and limiting beliefs and today I want to talk to you a little bit about something that I find a lot of my clients, actually, is phobias.

Now a phobia is something that can paralyze us, which can cause us to not be able to move forward because of something that's actually totally irrational. A phobia's an irrational fear of something.

So you might be afraid of water or afraid of a spider or a snake, non-poisonous, and that, it paralyzes you, you can't be around it, near it, think about it, touch it, et cetera.

Now imagine if the phobia that you had was a phobia of failure, a phobia of dealing with something that you don't like to do, like maybe reaching out to follow up on your sales process as a financial advisor or a business owner, maybe it's dealing with a tough client.

There are phobias that we most likely have that are irrational fears that are holding us hostage, that is keeping us at bay.

Now I had a client who had an irrational fear of flying. And I actually had to coach her and her husband so that they could get away on a getaway. They haven't been away for years and it was stifling them in their relationship, it was affecting how he produced at work, his incentive to be able to go away on these trips.

So I actually had her start with baby steps, and this is what I suggest with phobias of any type, at work, at home, is to be able to start with tiny baby steps.

So I had her first began to look at magazines that had airplanes, watch movies that had airplanes in them. And then at one point, even drive down to the airport like this, local airport, and just sit inside the car and watch the planes take off on the runway or land. After a while, she got closer to this deadline that her husband had hit because he had done fantastic as a financial advisor and hit his revenue goal. And so the company was taking him to Hawaii and hopefully with his wife.

Well, in the meantime, as we got closer and closer, the next steps became a little bit bigger. I had to actually go to the airport where they would be lifting off, just to go to the airport, walk around, go as far as she could, not pass security and then come back out.

And then we actually had a protocol of things that she would do when she got to the airport to take off for her big day. Printed off the tickets, actually got the suitcase ready, like all of these baby steps to help eventually the two of them take off and have a fantastic time in paradise.

Now, if you think about it, you know there's probably some fears and phobias, irrational things, that are keeping you hostage in your business and it' stifling your productivity, and therefore your work-life balance is at stake.

In my book that I'm writing, Achieving Balance, I talk about these fears, these phobias, these limiting beliefs.

I promise you that if you can take little action steps that you can eventually get to what it is that is an irrational fear, this phobia that you have, and you can get over it just like my client did. They had a fantastic time in paradise. They came back. This totally strengthened their relationship. And the husband told me that this was worth every dollar that he spent in the coaching with me.

I know this can help you. It's helped my clients. It's helped me of things that I have been afraid of, irrational things that I knew that I need to get over. I know it can help you too. Good luck and Make Time to Live Life on Purpose!

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Are you having a difficult time with Achieving Balance because of your PHOBIAS that are in the way??

Are you struggling with time management and being productive?

Like most other business owners/executives being productive without losing focus in a time that requires pivoting to online business is taking a lot of your time.

If you are a successful business owner/executive who struggles with time management, I'd love to speak with you for 15-30 minutes on a Zoom Chat about what's going on.

I'd love to hear of your struggles, challenges, and your concerns especially now when work/life balance just got turned on its head.

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