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Values Affirmations-Inoculate Your Limiting Beliefs on a Daily Basis


- Hello there, I'm Dr. Travis Parry. Welcome to the Make Time Moment.

These moments are fantastic for business owners, financial professionals, or people of faith everywhere. Today I'm gonna go over value affirmations.

Now, value affirmations can inoculate, yes, inoculate those limiting beliefs you deal with on a daily basis that take your eye off your goals.

Now what I mean by limiting beliefs, those negative thoughts, blocks, psychological limiting beliefs that can just get you off track, thinking I can't do it, or putting yourself down, or giving yourself excuses to not achieve your goals.

In my latest podcast, I talked about some reasons why people don't achieve their goals. Today I'm gonna give you some ideas really quickly that can help you. One is value affirmations.

Now, value affirmations, I keep these on my wall, in the Make Time Productivity course, we talk all about how to create these, so I'm not gonna spend time doing that right now. But essentially, in 10 areas of life, spiritual, physical relationships with spouse, family, personal finances, your career, self-improvement or mental health, fun and recreation, relationship with friends and community, those are these 10 areas.

In each of these 10 areas, there are values, or characteristics that we believe, that really, truly make us who we are. And we want to live those, and so that's really part of living life on purpose mentality. So, every day, and I've already underlined these, I know what they are, and I've got at least three in each area is what I recommend, things like faithful, healthy, loving, good son, frugal, wise, helpful, all of these different characteristics, I actually read these on a daily basis.

Sometimes I'll actually stand and say them out loud to myself, and other times, I simply read through and acknowledge them in my mind, of the values that I stand for every day. Now, what does this do? Well, when our goals and values are aligned with each other, it actually helps us psychologically, subconsciously, move toward these goals, without really even having to put anything into action. It almost pulls us toward this action. It is real, it works, it's worked for me for years.

So, what this does, also, is it inoculates as I mentioned, those limiting beliefs, so when you're giving yourself a dose of your value affirmations, it's like you're inoculating yourself from limiting beliefs that are to come. Maybe a deal doesn't go through, or maybe a client gets upset, or maybe you're having struggles in your relationships at home. If you can read to yourself, I am a good father, or I am helpful to my clients, and you already have inoculated yourself with those good, positive value affirmations, it will help you in times when you're not feeling so much. Hey, if you like this, I've got a whole bunch more in the Make Time Productivity course.

Thanks for joining us today for the Make Time Moment. You can go to the website and be able to download the Make Time Productivity course, there's a free class there to introduce you to the course. It's 12 weeks long, it's fantastic.

I'm gonna spend this next whole year giving you bits and pieces of it throughout as you follow me, so go ahead and share, like, subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and Instagram, we're all there, Dr. Travis Parry, you can find it under Parry with an A.

Also, if you like some of what we're teaching on the courses, and when I'm teaching it here in the Make Time Moments, we do have a live interactive webinar-style of training on January 22nd at 10:00 Central time.

We're gonna call it the Make Time Live course, so come and join us there. We're gonna talk about how to make time for your priorities. So join us, I'll have the links here down below someplace. Have a fantastic day, and remember...

Live Life on Purpose,

Travis G. Parry, PhD

P.S. Check out the Master Class "The Productivity Myth: Why most financial professionals fail at time management and what to do about it" and learn the 5 keys to True Productivity.

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